Paris: Thursday

[Again, hopefully another scheduled post, if I set the settings right this time...]

Thursday was another touristy day – we went to the Trocadero, saw the Eiffel Tower again and then went out to La Defense and the Grande Arche de la Defense. Photos, as usual, will be below when I get them online. That or maybe I’ll crete new posts with photos in, just because I can. Consistency is over-rated.

Lunch was in St Michel – somewhere where many things they had in their menu were things I could eat. I had an actual choice for once! And the food was lovely – I had chicken breast in a balsamic vinegar glaze and rice with multi-coloured peppers, followed by pineapple carpacio in a caramel sauce.

Dinner was again touristy, as we ate just below Sacre Coeur, at the Maison Rose. Apparently the subject of a famous painting in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and definitely the subject of many, many photos by practically everyone who passed. After the first hundred or so people took photos, I was feeling I might be missing out, so took my own. It’s better than the one they use on the cover of their menus, which is frankly dire.

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