There were tanks driving up the Promenade des Anglais this morning as we were sitting minding our own business reading the newspaper in the sunshine, with coffee and croissant, as one does.

Anyone have any idea why? They seem to have gathered in Place Massena, with jeeps and Red Cross vans and all sorts, and all covered in American flags.

If no one else can suggest a sensible alternative, I'm going with the little boy who turned round in the tram, his eyes wide, and said "Mummy, are we at war?" The answer is clearly yes, we are at war with 1940s America. Unless today's some anniversary I don't know about, which is entirely possible.

I shall try and get photos for you all on my way back from the library. Assuming the air raids don't start up between now and then, obviously.

We're going to the fireworks tonight - they were postponed from the Fete de l'Assomption on 15 August, because of bad weather and stormy seas. (It was a bit windy, admittedly.)

For those of you wondering, because I certainly was (obviously, I expect you to already know this Fran...) the Fete de l'Assomption apparently celebrates Mary's ascent to Heaven without having to go through that messy dying phase. A gift to her, given the inconvenience of having to bear God's child without really being given any say in the matter. Though I suspect that latter part isn't strictly part of the Catholic teachings on the matter...

Fran –   – (29 August 2010 at 18:35)  

I only know what its about thanks to some nice information placards placed around the Sanctuary in Lourdes a few years back on the 15th, given that most of the Catholic teachings I had from the age of 5-18 in school were forgotten about within 5mins of being taught them. A few years back when I was working down in Lourdes, one of the Bishops asked me what the 4 Archangels' names were. I answered Michael, Gabriel, Raphael (yet again, only known from the churches in the sanctuary haha) and Rudolph for want of a better answer for the 4th as I had no idea whatsoever. Lets just say he didn't look too impressed, then told me it was Satan. Close! (He was the fallen Archangel). Proof that I'm probably not the best one to come to for info on all things Catholic, despite a cv that says I should be haha

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