As if the Evil Flat and Theiving Neighbour weren't bad enough...

...we now have a constantly crying dog next door, which is doing my head in. I feel sorry for the poor thing, but it has a... piercing whine, to say the least. And the neighbours last night who decided shrieking laughter and clapping are the perfect complement to insanely loud music with a very short playlist, on repeat.

We need to move.

On the plus side, I wrote 725 words this morning which brings me up to somewhere in the region of 7500, 8000 words total (very few of which need to be re-written after the email I got back from my supervisor; I had thought more would!) and I'm going to do some actual research this afternoon, and that will help me write more (and more sensible) stuff this week. Aim is to be at 12k by the time I go to my meet-the-expats picnic on Saturday...

Some photos of Villefranche, where I still want to go and live...

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