Monaco apparently hosts an International Fireworks Championship (learn something new every day) - yesterday was the last entry in the final, and because it was the French entry, it got some press coverage and we discovered it was taking place. It was awesome - must have cost a fortune, half an hour of fireworks set to music, it was just stunning.

I only remembered towards the end that my camera also takes video - the sound quality is rubbish, so if there even is sound, I wouldn't bother trying to listen to it, but hopefully you'll see a tiny part of the spectacle. Next year, if we're still here, I'm going to make sure I go and see all the entries...

Dissertation, well, fail. I got up to 10k on Friday, went to the beach in the evening, didn't feel much like writing when we got back after dinner. Slept all Saturday morning then went to a picnic where much wine was consumed over the course of the rest of the day. Yesterday was a write-off (though the fireworks were very nice...) But, I haven't run out of things to write about, so all is not yet lost! Though time is definitely beginning to run out now... Still, couple of thousand today - if I at least finish Chapter 4 - then unpacking all my stuff tomorrow, then a conclusion on Wednesday; easy!

If anyone feels like proofreading all or part of this, do give me a shout. It's not fascinating, obviously, and I may well run out of time and therefore not be able to send it out for comments, but if you've got spare time this week, let me know...

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