Quote re the environment

"I would make a plea for a global convention, one to conserve the infinite variety of species—of plant and animal life—which inhabit our planet.

The tropical forests contain a half of the species in the world, so their disappearance is doubly damaging, and it is astonishing but true that our civilisation, whose imagination has reached the boundaries of the universe, does not know, to within a factor of ten, how many species the earth supports.

What we do know is that we are losing them at a reckless rate—between three and fifty each day on some estimates—species which could perhaps be helping us to advance the frontiers of medical science. We should act together to conserve this precious heritage."

Does the above quote, from 1989, come from a) an official statement from Greenpeace, b) the European election manifesto of the Green party, or c) Margaret Thatcher in an official speech to the UN?

I was surprised to find it was Thatcher. She never seemed to me to be the Green party type...

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