Dinner tonight was simple (though I'm now craving Christmas dinner and chocolate pudding, thanks to an email I read earlier) - we had pasta with organic cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, goats cheese and olive oil. I'm a big fan of meals that take 10 minutes start to finish - though our dinner would perhaps have been even nicer with some balsamic vinegar and black pepper. Being able to eat it on our new table out on our terrasse is nice though, definitely helps food taste nicer, I'm sure!

Lying on the beach reading my textbook (why yes, I am a blast at parties, you can tell) this afternoon, escaping the-hell-that-is-Lexis Nexis, inspiration nearly struck. So rather than nothing, I've written 500 words today. It's not great, but it's better than it was looking this afternoon... I'll write extra tomorrow. I'm aiming to get 7000 words done by Sunday, so I'm on the way, slowly...

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