If you were selling printers

And you knew your printer needed a USB cable. And you also knew the printer you were selling didn't come with a USB cable. And you were clearly talking to someone who didn't know what they were doing, who was obviously foreign and hot and pissed off at having to trek for miles, since you were the only computer type shop easily findable in town. Wouldn't you at least mention to your customer that they might need to consider buying a USB cable? Rather than waiting til they got home, opened it all up, with the best of intentions of finally doing some work, and found they couldn't do anything without a USB cable?

I would, but then, I don't work for FNAC.

I'm not going back til it gets cooler. Since we're on a canicule alert (and when I get my USB cable, I shall share with you the delights of the canicule warnings and advice which show old people melting) this may not be for several months... I shall try again this afternoon, on my way to see the mysterious 4'oclock wave that apparently happens here. Methinks someone is taking the piss out of the newbie foreigners, but I fully intend to take any excuse to go to the beach, so I shall have a look while I'm there. And get a USB cable on the way back, in case they melt in the near-canicule.

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