My flat is still trying to kill me

And its efforts have intensified. It no longer just tries to electrocute me when the washing machine is on, but when anything electrical is on. This is... slightly challenging.

On the other hand, while I can't do any cooking (because I can't do any washing up), we can still go to the beach with beer and a takeaway pizza and watch the sun set - there are good reasons for us having moved here, murderous flat notwithstanding!

(For any of you who might be concerned - I am, enough for all of you, anyway - someone is coming to fix the wiring tomorrow. I will be happier if a proper electrician does it, mind, particularly since while I can use rubber gloves to do the washing up, a similar work-around is harder to find for the shower... But hopefully by tomorrow, I should be able to turn on the tap and put my hand in the water without getting electrocuted. Progress!)

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