I have a bank card! I can get money! But, I can only get some money...

I can:

  • spend up to 800 euros a month on my card
  • take out 1530 euros a week in cash (I wonder why the 30...)
BUT within that, I can only take out 300 euros in any one day from our bank and when I'm out of France, and only 300 in any 7 day period from any bank in France that isn't ours. For which we would be charged extra anyway, I think. Parochial, isn't it?

(Admittedly, I can't really see myself spending more than this in any event, but the limits still grate, philosophically - it's our money, dammit, why can't we spend it how we like?)

However, if I ring up their free gift helpline, I can get a free Real Leather card-holder, embossed with my initials and with gold corners. What more could I ask for?

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