Domestic me!

I am the most domestic I have ever been before (although, I realise, that's not saying much...) That said, I have succeeded in making my trousers of a wearable length, and both legs are (more or less) the same length all the way around and (more or less) the same length as each other. I think that's pretty good, considering as how I can't tell a straight line if it's drawn for me, I don't have any pins and I don't have a mirror to tell what length they ought to be for the initial folding up bit.

Unfortunately, said white trousers seem to have a stain from the washing machine. Clearly I am not domestic goddess enough to know that washing dirty things together means that some of the dirt might transfer from one clothes to another. They may now be ruined, despite my heroic attempts to make them wearable.

It's amazing the things you will do to avoid essay writing, isn't it?

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