Flat has beaten me...

Well, sort of - it's fighting back. The kitchen sink is still safe, thankfully, but it now doesn't drain. I'm almost sure this is because our electrician/builder/plumber/general everything man, when he taped it together, taped it at too tight an angle. He does, however, get a bit... tetchy... at people trying to fix things he's broken, so I am waiting for him to turn up to recitfy the situation, so I can do washing up and generally not have a fetid swap of dirty water in my kitchen. And the pipe is leaking again, so the tape didn't actually fix the problem at all, just made new ones. Awesome.

In more positive news, my balcony/terrasse gets full morning sunshine, so I can sit and read about securitisation *and* work on getting a tan. Chilled melon in the hot sunshine is divine (sadly, the pineapple/lime/mango Tropicana has all gone already). And I've written 700 words this morning, bringing my total so far up to 2000ish. Planning to do another 800 or so this afternoon, while it's too hot to go outside, and maybe a couple of hundred in the evening, after going to the beach. Tough life, isn't it?

The local English language radio station (not named, in case it triggers a Google alert for them) is... unique. The ads are hilarious - there's one that repeats frequently, asking if we can provide services (or hotels, bars, restaurants, pretty much anything new and shiny) to very high-profile VIPs, one that starts "for last minute work on your yacht..." and, my favourite, that I've only heard once and can't remember what exactly it was for, advertised services in English and Scandinavian. Scandinavia is obviously more politically integrated than I had heard.

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