Dissertation failure

I'm stuck. I'm at 9000 words, it's hot, I'm tired, and I cannot focus on my paper. Rubbish. I need to get it done this weekend before the chaos of unpacking the rest of my stuff arrive early next week, and I'm just not getting there. I'm not even doing anything useful instead, just staring at the screen, hoping it will write itself...

Anyone feel like writing it for me? Or, more realistically, sharing some ideas on how to actually make myself do something useful, like writing another 3 or 4k?

Heidemarie  – (21 August 2009 at 17:44)  

When I got stuck writing my thesis (or whenever I have writers block), I just started wrtting random thoughts down (on the topic). Later I was able to expound on those thoughts and put them in appropriate order.

Good luck!


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