Ding,Dong, the Bugs are dead!

Well, I hope so anyway. We resorted to all out chemical warfare and set off a gas bomb to kill them all yesterday. That or drive them to our neighbours flats, I'm not picky. Though I'd prefer the genocide method of bug removal, if forced to choose.

Having to evacuate my flat (after wrapping everything in clingfilm or sealed plastic bags) for 5 hours meant that I managed to get a fair amount of writing done - I'm up to 35,000 words now in my story. Most of them are rubbish, of course, but that's not the point. Quantity, not quality.

Today's is Monaco's national day. I'm not sure what they celebrate today, but all businesses have to close for the day. Which is nice. Do we have something like that in the UK? If not, we should.

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