A night out in Monte Carlo

So, last night was a fabulous taste of luxury. When I win the lottery, I want to live like that all the time!

Paul's work decided to take them all out to see Sir Tim Rice in Monte Carlo last night, to which I was very kindly invited (thank you Paul's work!) and we decided to stay the night at the hotel that the function was at, because how often do you get to go to one of the poshest hotels in Monte Carlo, after all? The evening was wonderful - all credit to the organisers - and Sir Tim was entertaining, amusing, and accompanied by amazing singers. It was a brilliant night.

The hotel room was bigger than our flat - the bathroom alone may have been bigger than our flat, in fact. The bed was enormous - I could lie widthways across it with my arms stretched out over my head and still not reach the edges. Granted, I have quite little arms, but that's still a big bed!

Photos, because I can...

Back part of the lobby:

Hotel room:

This is how much it would have cost if we'd just walked in and asked for a room:

(Also, did you know rich people have bath tea bags? Green tea tea bags, at that?)

View from our window:

View from outside the hotel - ours was the one with the open window:

We also got to use the spa facilities, which were included in the price - the sauna and swimming pool were fabulous.

And these are the views of the terrace and from it this morning after breakfast:

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