Virgin Mary arrives in Nice

It's been like Christmas chez nous this morning. I had not one, but two packages to collect this morning - from two different post offices, of course. And as I was coming back from that, the postman came down our stairs and asked if I knew who Hill was - when I indicated I did, he gave me two more packages!

So, Paul has two mysterious packages sitting next to me on the sofa and the prize for Most Difficult Package in the World to Open goes to the one from my parents (Thank you Mum and Dad! It arrived safely!) - I weep for the bubble wrap trees slaughtered to ensure its safe arrival across the miles of wildest countryside between here and there.

The prize for Tackiest Religious Souvenir ever goes to Fran's present to us. The Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, accompanied by Saint Bernadette, lovingly cast in glittery plaster of paris. Fantastic. It's decorating our telly table, now and for ever more. (Unfortunately, Glitter Mary broke off her plaster of paris grotto base in transit - I'll superglue her back together, it won't detract at all from the effect. Also, we now have Holy Glitter everywhere.) And, almost as excitingly, accompanying the Virgin Mary on her long journey, I also have a copy of the Guardian Weekend magazine, with a promise of more. Thank you Fran!!

Mary and Bernadette, in full glittery glory:

In their new home, next to the telly:

Darkened, to highlight the glitter:

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