Mid-November, and the sun is shining...

I was planning a day doing useful things, like making jewellery and writing more of my story. But a friend rang me up and suggested lunch, which sounded much more fun. I did manage to do laundry before completely abdicating my responsibilities to go and sit in the sun, eating Australian food - kangaroo (which was nice), shark (which was nice) and emu (which probably would have been nice if it had been cooked more - not a fan of rare meat).

Some photos of Nice in the November sunshine - how many of the rest of you could have sat outside in t-shirts today?

swedave –   – (6 November 2009 at 20:46)  

Gloater :|

It looks lovely! grrr

Joe Hill  – (7 November 2009 at 09:24)  

Brilliant - but I see that it isn't quite so brilliant today or tomorrow on the BBC weather thingie. Still it seems it will clear up on Monday.

I am now starting the blog thing, as you can see I now have real identity, not just Anonymous...

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