NaNo update

Up to 14,578 words. Longer than my dissertation - this is now the longest piece of writing I have ever done. I don't know whether that's sad or inspirational.

I've also decided pregnancy is horribly dangerous and no one should ever have babies. I had to look up something that would tragically kill off one of my female characters who was having a baby - do you *know* how many things can kill you during childbirth? < Shudders at the thought >

I went with a uterine rupture, in case you're interested. Killed the mother and baby, both, sending the father into a mad spiral of grief and depression that will ultimately kill him. They're all minor characters anyway, so you don't need to feel too bad for them, though I do, kind of, feel bad that I had to kill them. I haven't had any deaths up til now, and I quite liked Pieter and Elyse and their soon-to-be-baby. Til they all died.

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