Packing continues - we're being temporarily evicted from our flat for August, so the landlady's family can live in it, which means we need to pack everything we own up into suitcases again. (We knew about it before we moved in, it's not some terrible surprise.) We're going back to the UK for a bit, and then to Paris for a week and a half, then spending most of August in a studio in Nice.

Assuming we don't kill each other living in a studio for a month in the middle of 35 degree weather with no internet, we'll be back here at the beginning of September, normalement. I shall try and find internet to check email, at least, and post here on occasion to let you know I'm not dead, but it will be sporadic at best. (Sign up for the RSS feed to be automatically updated when I post.)

I intend to use the month to write my next story with no internet distractions, lie on the beach, do some more cross stitch and read a lot of crappy English books that I'd never normally read from Gibert Jeune. I hope you all have a wonderful summer too!

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