Sorting through old clothes...

Some of you may remember the trauma it was moving here, because of all the throwing out I had to do. (My books, my poor, lovely books.) Since we're being temporarily evicted (more on which later, no doubt), I'm having to sort through my clothes again because we still have too much stuff to sensibly move.

This time it's much easier.

It's helped by there being almost no clothes I can still fit into, and of those I can, I just don't like lots of them. Sorting out winter clothes in the middle of a Mediterranean summer helps, too - even with our air-conditioning on (and I am so, so pleased we live somewhere with air conditioning - even more so that the electricity is included in our rent...) it's still not the kind of weather where you really want to think too hard about coats. Throwing out sweaters is much easier in these kind of temperatures. And summer clothes, well, I have less of them to start with, and they take up less room anyway.

I have 2 big bin bags full of clothes to throw out. 100 litres of clothes. I wonder what else I can throw out while I'm in the mood...

PigletinFrance  – (13 July 2010 at 08:07)  

You're so lucky that the electricity is included in the charges. I'm dreading to think what my bill is going to be this month, the aircon has been on 24/7 as temperatures soar pass 36 degrees. Hopefully we will get some respite soon.

You have inspired me to sort through my winter clothes, what a great idea doing it in the summer. I may just be able to get rid of some ancient jumpers :)

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