UK: Day 4. Sickness and dentists and Starbucks

People are horribe germ-carrying vectors of infection, and should be banned from congregating in large groups - or at all, round me. I'm ill and I ache and my throat hurts and I'm very very bored of shivering and sweating, occasionally simultaneously. England has made me ill.

The dentist has pronounced me fine, though, and all I need to do is go back in 6 months. I'll consider it - dentists are expensive, and my teeth were fine after a ten-year gap between dentists visits. 6 months seems a little over-keen...

Starbucks and gossip with my old boss was great fun, even if I felt like shit. Suppressing the shivering and urge to throw up is easier when you've got something to distract you. And everyone who walked past said "My god, you look amazing!" and "How thin you are!" and words to that effect. I had thought it was just French women who did that, but they all meant well and compliments are always nice. I should come back more often - though I'm still not sold on the idea that daily is a good idea. Tad too frequent, that, if you ask me, but I guess this is why they pay you to go -if it were fun, they wouldn't need to. Unconvinced, though.

Hairdresser never happened due to imminent dying and shivering and teeth chattering and things. Lemsip later, and I feel almost human, though still shakey and achey and bleh. Hopefully more lemsip and sleep, and I'll be fine tomorrow. I need a hair cut. Well, I don't *need* one, but it's cheaper to get one here than in France, and another inch or so off the ends would make it easier to deal with the heat. Back in a country where they have proper summer. It's been grey and cloudy all day, and it rained. Rubbish. I also need to go wedding ring shopping, so I need to not be dying. Lemsip had better work its usual magic...

Off to read and shiver and sleep. Hope you're all feeling better than me!

Heidemarie  – (27 July 2010 at 15:14)  

Sex three times in a row will cure ya!

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