Today has been a day of crap weather. I know it's winter for the rest of you, but I've spent this week sitting in strappy tops on the beach. I'm unimpressed.

I got drenched today, since it started raining as I left the house and got worse. And the SNCF are on strike. Again. This time, they're on strike because a driver failed an exam and was asked to resit it before being allowed to drive again, to ensure passenger safety. This - to me, reasonable - request was met by the SNCF going on strike for 3 days so far. Who knows how long it will last?

And, once I'd finally climbed the hill in the rain to the bus stop, 3 buses went past without picking up any passengers. By the time one finally stopped, I was soaked - it took me an hour and a change of clothes to finally warm up again once I got home. Rubbish weather.

And the high winds mean we've had to fasten all the shutters closed so they don't bang incessantly, so the house is dark. That's my excuse for not doing much today, it's been too dark to take photos of it. I did make and list a new pendant, though; I quite like it, I may make more.

copper and green glass heart pendant

What do you reckon?

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