I'm home!

First things first, Google Analytics says everyone stopped reading my blog when I changed the template to look prettier. Now I can't imagine many of you being *that* design conscious, but I suppose you might all be and have run away in horror at my poor taste... In case you're still out there, though, does anyone know why GA might have stopped counting my blog views?

Running: Week 3, Day 2, belatedly completed - I've been ill, but the sunshine now I'm home was too good to miss, so I decided to make myself go running. It was harder with hills, but not as bad as I feared!

Wedding preparations are going apace: We now have a dress, shoes, a photographer (my brother's girlfriend, though I think everyone's going to have to volunteer somewhat), a mayor, a venue, a date, at least one witness, and hotel rooms for (most of) his and my family. We have a ring for me, and we will have a ring for him, when I get round to making it. I now have the stuff to do so.

Still left to do:

  • writing invitations (anyone reading this before they get married: handwritten invitation letters sound like a great idea. They take a lot of time. Be warned...)
  • sending invitations
  • checking Paul has a suit
  • booking a restaurant
  • apparently, finding flowers... (Really? Are they totally essential?)
  • doing something about a wedding list, in the unlikely event anyone wants to give us presents

nicole  – (24 March 2010 at 21:00)  

I *think* what happened is that the change in template overwrote the GA code. So, of course, it stopped being able to count visitors.

I've changed that now, so we'll see what happens next...

I'm pleased to know I have at least an audience of one though!

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