Student Loans Company: Fail

Is it just me, or is asking me to complete a form I've already completed, and provide supporting evidence I've already provided - which they acknowledge I've already provided - a complete and utter waste of time?

The illogicality (is so a word) continues - not only do the Student Loans Company think, because HMRC has apparently updated them on my behalf, albeit erroneously, that I'm back in the UK and tax-resident in the UK, (so eligible for repayments again) but they informed me of this by sending a letter to my French address. The one that I presumably wouldn't be living at, if their belief regarding my residency status was remotely correct. To fix this mess, entirely of their own making, I need to send off more forms and more letters from Paul saying I earn no money, and it's all just so *stupid*.

You'd think I'd be inured to this after months living in France, wouldn't you? Apparently not.

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