Zombie Pizza Girl

First, running: Week 4, Day 1 was today and it damn near killed me. Week 4 may last longer than a week...

For lunch I made spinach, red onion and chorizo crepes. They actually worked out quite well.

Afternoon was deeply lazy, lying on the beach reading - it's been beautifully hot here; if the sea weren't still dirty, I'd have totally gone swimming. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, so more beach, I feel.

For dinner, the intention was to make a jambalaya type thing. But then we thought pizza on the beach would be a better idea. By the time we found somewhere that was open and ready to sell pizza, it was too late to catch the last of the sun on the beach, so we ate pizza on the balcony. From the weirdest pizza box. You know how most people put their company name and phone number and things on the box? Not this place:

Pizza Box
She's clearly had her neck snapped - look at the angle of her face. Bonus points if you can work out what the thing growing out of her head is... Why, if you were a company that didn't *also* sell the kinds of services more usually found in Amsterdam, would you put a picture like that on your pizza box?

Anonymous –   – (29 March 2010 at 01:11)  

is it one of those hats that marianne wears?? tho i think she's managed to cover up her boobs a bit more than on that famous pic by whoever it was, the storming of the bastille one, u know what i mean. is it called 'hooker pizzas' by any chance this pizza shop?? haha, f

Joe Hill  – (2 April 2010 at 21:45)  

Your mother reliably informs me that it is called a snood (no, really). Apparently you use it to catch your hair up, though in her case it seems not to be working too well. She could perhaps use it to catch one of her ample bosoms and hold it in place...

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