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Today, unlike yesterday, I have been productive. I've hoovered, scrubbed the floor and kitchen, done laundry and the washing up, written wedding invitations and remembered to put suncream on. Now I'm going to sit in the sunshine with coffee, and consider writing more of my story. Maybe. I'm thinking to scrap the whole thing entirely, but it's at very nearly 70,000 words. Seems a shame to kill it now...

I do, of course, need to go to the post office and actually *post* the invitations I've written. That would be a good idea, since they're not doing a lot of good here on the table. After coffee. Definitely.

Tim  – (31 March 2010 at 17:39)  

I can relate to the desire to scrap the whole writing project. My first serious writing attempt did not go well. I wanted to write a short story. But as I kept writing it got longer and longer. Near the end, I realized it was terrible. It was to long, had to many characters, and made no sense. But I finished it anyway. And it was terrible.

I did a redraft of it later but it still wasn't good. But the key to writing is to write. And to understand that much of what you write will be bad.

Also if you are like me and have no concept of grammer or spelling, it helps to have a friend who is an editor :)

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