General bleh; running good.

Soaked and cold. Running today was much better than Day 1, since this podcast has vocal cues in it, telling you when to run, which make the whole thing much less hassle.

Saw two tourists looking very lost outside my front door - they were looking for a cheap cafe. Round here, that's not so easy to find, but I was nice and directed them to a couple of the slightly less touristy places, which might charge a reasonable amount. Then again, they might not...

Wedding invitations going mad. Family going mad over wedding. Considering telling everyone it's cancelled and starting from scratch. Am looking forward to being married, can't help but think wedding day is going to be psychotic mess, as is usually the case when you get this many people in one place with alcohol, when some of them are related to me.

Going to have a shower, put the heating on and go back to bed. Maybe next time I wake up, the day will be better.

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