In which I do running for the first time...

Oh ye of little faith. You thought I'd have lost interest already, didn't you? Well, I have completed my first running today. Be impressed!

Admittedly, more experienced runners would struggle to recognise the shambling bastardised lurching I did today as running. But I know it was running. And it didn't kill me. Or break my new shoes. Success all round! And I get some nice scenery to look at - the programme takes me all the way to St Jean Cap Ferrat.

In case anyone else is interested in joining me on my mission to fitness (or, indeed, has found this through googling Couch to 5k - in which case, I apologise in advance for the rest of this blog...) these are the podcasts I'm using. (Don't look at me like that. The alternatives were Christian rock, or techno. You'd have chosen the same.)

Now I shall go and shower and eat breakfast and be productive. It's not even 9:30 yet! I have the whole day ahead of me!

Tim  – (6 March 2010 at 22:09)  

Congratulations on the successful first attempt. I was thinking the other how once I move I'll be able to run outside a lot more. Here you have to dodge the winter, the blizzards, and in the summer the storms.
As for running here is the system I use to get up to running 20 minutes straight and beyond. It's a scan from an old magazine.

nicole  – (7 March 2010 at 09:40)  

Thanks Tim!

Running in blizzards doesn't sound fun. I'm relying on the weather to be good on the days I want to run, else I'll lose all interest. (I may have the attention span and self-discipline of a dormouse, but at least I'm self aware enough to know it...)

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