Being responsible instead of beach

I didn't get to the beach, because I had to go shopping instead. Oh, the humanity. I can tell you're all just outraged on my behalf. Anyway, we now have food - dinner for tonight will be salad nicoise - and I made a new pair of earrings:

Purple and silver aluminium dragonscale earrings
Also, I saw this ad for the first time. It amuses me possibly even more than J'adore! La montagne!.

Joe Hill  – (13 April 2010 at 20:23)  

You do have to wonder about who would spend large amounts of money to produce something like that video, though, don't you? I mean, amusing, yes - but wtf??!

nicole  – (13 April 2010 at 20:40)  

No, I don't. It might stop them doing more. And I want more trips with the mad bunnies... I don't care what drugs they were taking when they were making the ad.
(Admittedly, I had to look at the title of the YouTube video, to know what they were actually advertising - so it fails from that point of view. But I'll remember the bunnies...)

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