It's still raining.

But I did go running - it was easier in the rain, oddly. I managed the whole thing, wasn't even close to dying, and then went to the supermarket afterwards.

We have lots of food now, I need never leave the house in the rain again.

In case you're interested - and I assume you're all hanging on my every word, else why would you be here? - meals chez nous for the next few days might be:

Lunch (today and tomorrow) - spinach rice (without feta, since I didn't get any)
Dinner (today and possibly tomorrow) - vegetable Thai green curry and rice (possibly with tofu, if I can work out how to cook it...)
Sunday dinner - chilli con carne
Monday dinner - white bean, chorizo and tomato stew
Tuesday dinner - chicken korma
Wednesday dinner - lemon tuna pasta

All this for the princely sum of €30. I amaze even myself, some days.

Tim  – (23 April 2010 at 17:00)  

Wow.. the flatlands of central Illinois and the scenic wonder of villefranche had something in common today. I woke up to a grey and drizzly sky.

Nicole  – (23 April 2010 at 18:50)  

Whilst running, I often wish it was flatter here - maybe some sort of swap could be arranged - a few days sunshine for some less steep inclines...

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