Week 6, Day 2

Running before breakfast is a bad idea. I have known this for a while, but I remembered it again today... Sadly, I only remembered it 10 minutes into the run, which was to be followed by shopping. Bad timing, really. Must try harder next time...

On top of that, the run knackered me, since I decided to run to the supermarket rather than the way I normally go. Won't do that again, even if I'm going to the supermarket.

My next-door neighbour informs me that this weekend, our town hall is hosting some sort of event. With flowers and food. We shall go and investigate this afternoon - if you're very good, I might tell you all about it. (Other than Josh, none of you are being very good and introducing yourself - and the day when *Josh* is better behaved than anyone else is a sad, sad day for humanity ;-) )

Also, are purple poppies common? I've never seen them before, but by the bus stop at the top of the hill, there's 2 purple poppies growing - they're pretty. Can I start a heroin farm and make a fortune from them?

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