Dear EasyJet...

Dear EasyJet,

Nearly 2 months ago, we volunteered to come off an evening flight from Gatwick to Nice, because you had overbooked it, and had more passengers than seats. You promised us compensation to make up for our increased inconvenience, and we were happy with this arrangement. You managed to get us home the next day, after arranging somewhere for us to spend the night and providing a token amount towards our dinner, which we appreciated.

It's now 2 months later. Mid-April. You still haven't given us our compensation payment, let alone refunded the costs incurred of getting between the hotel you chose for us and the airport (no, that bus wasn't free. It wasn't even cheap.) or the costs of our numerous international phone calls to your Customer Service helpline - with the consequent phone tree and long periods on hold - to find out what's happening. Needless to say, while your Customer Service people are very friendly, they haven't been able to actually help. They aren't in a position to process our payments, sadly. I still don't know what exactly the hold-up is, except that it's apparently something to do with your staff in Gatwick.

Hopefully, you'll manage to sort it out soon; if you make promises of compensation to mitigate inconvenience, it doesn't help your customer relations at all if you don't actually follow through on those promises. Or if you make your customers have to keep spending money to contact you to repeatedly find out that nothing's happening. It rather negatively affects the goodwill we had towards you, as demonstrated by us volunteering to inconvenience ourselves to make your life easier. We won't be doing that again, given your subsequent handling of the situation.

Yours sincerely,

An increasingly dissatisfied customer

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