Week 5, Day 3 and storywriting

Day 3 was a bitch. At the beginning of this week, the longest I'd run in one go was 5 minutes. I was quite pleased with that, all things considered. One week later, and the runs are suddenly 20 minutes long, all in one go. I can't help but feel this is a bit of a steep learning curve! But I didn't die, and although my legs feel a bit like jelly, I'm sure time on the beach this afternoon will help them...

I managed to write 2100 words on my story yesterday, even with all the interruptions to be domestic. (Paul thinks I'm going mad when I start sorting socks into pairs - I do it occasionally, and he always looks a bit worried - it's quite a long way outside my normal domestic range of "How long has it been on the floor? Does it smell? It's probably clean enough.") I'm going to take paper and pen to the beach and do more story - we're almost up to one of the bits I've actually outlined, so that will help significantly!

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