Readers, introduce yourselves!

Keith has asked me who you all are. Which is a very good question - I know who some of you are (hi Dad!), but feedburner tells me there are 21 people who read my blog through an RSS feed. And there are some people, according to Google Who Knows Everything that read this not through an RSS feed. So, who are you all?

Introduce yourselves in the comments section - tell me something about you. Actually, tell me two things about you: one true, one false. Entertain me (and the other 20 odd people who are apparently reading this...)

Anonymous –   – (15 April 2010 at 22:57)  

1 i am a texan
2 im a 295lbs tattooed woman

im sure you can figure out the true one

Nicole  – (16 April 2010 at 11:52)  

You don't look a hair over 280lbs, darling, I swear!

Tim  – (18 April 2010 at 23:44)  

Well time for my introduction. You might remember me as wonky73 from memorable comments on earlier posts. I am a thirty mumble mumble year old man who lives in the glorious flatness that is Illinois USA. I work as a computer programmer but my ambition is to be a writer.

Why am I reading this blog? I plan on moving to Nice. I visited there a couple of years ago and fell in love with the place. I didn't imagine I'd get the chance to live there until I found out there is a technical park called Sophia Antipolis near Nice. The area has several jobs in my field.

Why haven't a moved yet? For once in my life I am trying to do things the right way. I am getting out of debt. Trying to learn French before the move. It's slow going but it's coming along. I haven't bought anything but essentials for 5 months. My journey to becoming a better person is chronicled at

This blog helps keep me motivated. The pretty pictures keep me focused. I'm not a very driven person so it take effort for me to stay focused on the long term goal. And you help me do that. Thanks.

Nicole  – (19 April 2010 at 08:11)  

If you knew how unlikely it was that I would be motivating anyone to do anything, let alone anything long-term and in the right order (Clear debts *before* moving? What an excellent idea, I must try that next time!), you would know how pleased your comment makes me, Tim!

Fingers crossed that your move happens soon - and good on you for learning French before you come. So many people here don't bother, and it's really rude, IMO. (Use headphones if you continue to learn it here, though, unlike the Evil Neighbours I have - it will stop people like me from wanting to kill you.)

Heidemarie  – (19 April 2010 at 15:29)  

I'm from North Royalton, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The blog address is saved in my favourites and I check it every work day. It's a very effective and pleasant way to procrastinate getting on to the tasks at hand.

Nicole and I have had the opportunity to share vast quantities of beer and sambucca (well I drank beer and sambucca, not sure what Nicole drank) during a lovely weekend in London in 2006.

I really enjoy the way Nicole writes; have a few pieces of her jewelry; lust after a few others. (I also take partial credit for encouraging her to sell her creations.)

Oh, and by the way (is it wrong to put a plug in for the blog I write for? too bad!), I'm a featured blogger for Take a moment to visit!

Nicole  – (19 April 2010 at 17:49)  

Plug away - people I don't know who plug things get deleted, but I have endless amounts of time for plugs from people I do know.

Though if they're boring, I will delete them. (Don't say you weren't warned. I need entertaining...)

Joe Hill  – (20 April 2010 at 16:10)  

Hi, Petal,

Yes, I am the Dad!

I also blog ocasionally, though rarely as entertainingly as Nicole (I put this down to approaching senility and having no time, but it probably is more likely that I'm just less talented). If you are at all interested, check out which is a site with 1 follower (thanks Nicole).

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