Quinoa, running and jewellery

Excellent stuff, quinoa. I recommend it. Today I had a sort of quinoa tabouleh - except I don't know how to make tabouleh and I don't have any mint. So really, it was just tomato, cucumber, red and green peppers and quinoa, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

But it was nice, so you should go and eat it. It even made tomato nearly edible.

Running yesterday was a triumph - 25 minutes all in one go, and I didn't die or cheat and have to walk - starting when you've walked up the hills and steps to the flat bit is the way to go, here, rather than running up them which is what kills me normally.

As far as jewellery goes, I've made a bookmark, and I've written a tutorial on how to make a helmsweave bracelet. But not done huge amounts else.


Copper wire twist bookmark 3
Copper wire twist bookmark 2 Copper wire twist bookmark 1

PigletinFrance  – (21 April 2010 at 09:34)  

Hi love quinoa too! So does my French hubby which is good. Not seen too many people in France eat it though. I will be trying your salad.

Well done on the running, I am slowly plucking up courage before the hot weather commences.

Nicole  – (21 April 2010 at 14:12)  

The salad worked better than today's attempt at a Spanish omelette. If I close my eyes, it kind of tastes ok, but it looks horrendous...

I was surprised to find quinoa in the supermarket, to be honest - I was expecting it to be in some weird section, if there at all, but it was right by the couscous. Quinoa is clearly more mainstream than I thought - though I, too, have never actually seen it on a menu or anything. A way to go yet...

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