Playing with paypal

Ignore this post.

I'm thinking there should be a way to make it so people can buy things from me, without having to go to Etsy or Dawanda and set up an account. Ideally, I'd put something on my website, but there are some technical limitations there. So I'll play here first and see if I can make it work.

Say I had these earrings for sale:

That button should, in theory, if you click it, take you to paypal, where you can easily give me 10 euros and should, further, allow you to tell me where to send it. I shall click it and see...

ETA: It works! Magic!

Nicole  – (23 April 2010 at 03:09)  

Thanks Jean!

This really was just a playing around to see how the paypal buttons work (rather than a thinly veiled attempt to show off my work - I'm usually quite happy to do that blatantly!) - I'm wondering whether people would be more likely to buy things if they can do so directly from my blog rather than going to one of the sales sites like Etsy and having to make an account.

Being awake at ridiculous o'clock gives me plenty of time to think about these things, it seems!

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