Procrastination has never been so useful...

I started off the day feeling like I'd overslept because Paul went into work much earlier than he normally does. Very confusing, when you're half asleep...

So, I started reading back my story - the first parts of it are actually quite good, I was surprised. The idea was to read through, remember who my characters are, and then be able to write the rest of it at least vaguely in the same voice. It kind of worked - I started writing the next chapter, where they disappear off into the desert, on their way to the Palace in the neighbouring country to get reinforcements before the Revolution. Then I decided to get up, with a vague intention to clean my teeth, get breakfast and come back to bed to do the rest of the story.

I got distracted. After cleaning the bath and the bathroom sink, I decided to clean the kitchen, while I was at it. The sink and cooker and kitchen floor now sparkle. Then I took out the rubbish. Then I started sorting the clean clothes into "winter" and "summer" - "winter" are now sitting in bin bags in the spare room. 3 bin bags. Big bin bags. "Summer" clothes now all fit in the wardrobe. I've tidied up the bedroom shelves, too, so Paul now has another shelf for his clothes, my jewellery stuff is balanced somewhat precariously on the top shelf, but that's ok, it can grow into piles up there without hitting a shelf above it. I even sorted the socks into matching pairs. And did the washing up. And another load of laundry. And finally had breakfast. And now I'm here instead of writing. I shall at least get my little band of revolutionaries to the Palace, before going to the beach... If I don't, shout at me!

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