Down to 90,500 words. Somehow I've already got rid of 3,500 words, just by making it make some vague sense. The ending isn't as abrupt as I thought (though the pacing is still off, I think), and I think I've got all the punctuation sorted.

For future reference, before you start writing a book, make sure you know how to punctuate dialogue. It really does make things easier not to have to change it all at the end, because you've been guessing.

Now I'm going to take a break from editing. If I look at the pages any more at the moment, I might scream. I'm going to design a cover for my book, instead. Much more fun. That or have a nap.

Anonymous –   – (19 June 2010 at 22:50)  

I'd always opt for a nap:
a) because I'm not writing a book; and
b) i'm not thinking of writing a book
It's good to keep things simple.
See you soon ;-)

Nicole  – (20 June 2010 at 11:01)  

Simple is good. I did go for a nap. Great minds obviously think alike...

(Speaking of simple, if you're going to comment anonymously, could you at least put your initials on the comment? I'd like to know who's writing.)

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