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OK, so I know I'm being lazy by cross posting, and that the reason I set up a jewellery blog was so that I didn't have to bore you all with pictures of my new shiny things. But I've got nothing much to talk about except boring and depressing things, so you can have a post about shiny things instead. Hopefully I'll have some clarity soon on what's happening with my likely move back to the UK and then I will have something to talk about...

Anyway, so, this pendant has been quite a long time in the making. Every now and then, I get out this abalone square and wonder what to do with it. Then, inspiration struck.

Sticking with a sea theme, I've paired it with red and white freshwater pearls and argentium sterling silver. It measures 6cm by 6cm and the circle of pearls is approx 2.5cm.

Argentium sterling silver, red and white pearl and abalone shell pendant

Heidemarie  – (9 June 2010 at 14:56)  

Interesting piece. I should be ashamed to show my ignorance . . . but I assume the red pearls are dyed somehow?

Nicole  – (9 June 2010 at 19:11)  

Yep - don't ask me how, but they are dyed. They'd normally start white; there are lots of colours pearls are dyed, but I like this red. (Which is odd, since I don't wear red jewellery myself - I like making it though, garnets and rubies and the like are fun to work with!)

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