Not dead, just editing

Just to let you know, it's not that I've forgotten about you all. But my deadline for getting a free copy of my book is the end of this month, and while it won't be perfect by then, I'm trying hard to get the story as coherent as I can...

On the plus side, by ignoring you, I'm not boring you by letting you know on a regular basis what page I'm up to on my second draft (127, for now) or having long and involved discussions with you about whether I should cut this scene which is actually just pointless waffle designed to boost my November wordcount, but which I like. And you're missing out on the numerous exclamations of "Oh, shit!" as I realise the number of subplots I set up and never followed through on. Not to mention the wailing and gnashing of teeth as I realise my story actually has no real plot.

Be glad.

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