Mini digger makes beach

After dumping an enormous pile of sand on the beach yesterday, the council have now employed a mini digger to smooth it out across the beach. Much to the surprise of the people out of shot in the below picture, who were trying to sunbathe while a digger was reversing at them, swinging its bucket erratically.

Mini-digger makes more beach

Those of you who remember the mini-digger telemarketing nightmare will no doubt be pleased to know that I still remember all sorts of mini-digger related information and terminology. (Hence, bucket.) The makers of this particular digger sponsored that campaign. Isn't it a small world?

Fran –   – (23 June 2010 at 21:33)  

Ha, god I'd forgotten about the summer of digger surveys!! Though that was possible because it was also the summer of much cheap wine, sunshine and card games in the park x

Heidemarie  – (24 June 2010 at 14:47)  

When I win the lottery I'm going to buy one of these little diggers -- or maybe a Bobcat -- for my Dad.

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