Today's celebratory events

Today's events were somewhat limited, since I didn't go to the casting of the new bell for the cathedral last night (it was late, in town, and public transport can be erratic at the best of times round here). Since that's the case, I didn't go to the opening of it this afternoon, either. I did, however, manage to make it to the weirdest culinary event I've seen in a while, if not ever.

A group of chefs called Les Toques Brûlées were put on stage to cook, in little groups, local specialities. At ground level, the crowd were waiting to be fed. Having learnt my lesson from the combat naval, I stayed away from the sharp elbows and vicious fighting for free things that seems to invade people round here, and took photos instead. Sadly, I was too transfixed by the dancers - who could not stop laughing at themselves and the crowd - to actually photograph them. So you'll have to make do with photos of the chefs. The food smelt good, even if I didn't get to eat any of it!







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